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Sam Biddle is a writer currently employed by Gawker Media. Sam Biddle was a nobody who rose to fame when he used his platform at Gawker to torment and terrorize people. He is famous for saying, "Bring back bullying."

("Bring Back Bullying." - Sam Biddle.)

Sam Biddle Bullying

Sam Biddle was challenged by lawyer Mike Cernovich to a friendly boxing match. The rules were highly civilized - mouth guards, large padded gloves, and head gear. Mike Cernovich was even willing to put up $10,000 for charity to incentivize Biddle to accept the boxing challenge.

Sam Biddle declined, proving he is only interested in harming those he perceives to be vulnerable.

The link between bullying and animal abuse.

In "Psychological profile of male and female animal abusers," researchers examined the connection between bullying and animal abuse. Their findings revealed:

This study had three purposes: to explore psychological characteristics of animal abusers (criminal thinking styles, empathy, and personality traits), to replicate previously reported results (past illegal actions, bullying behavior), and to examine potential gender differences. The self-reported animal abuser group was 29 college students who reported two or more incidents of animal abuse; controls were 29 college students matched on age and gender. Participants completed self-report measures of criminal thinking, illegal behaviors, bullying, empathy, and the five-factor personality traits. Results indicated animal abusers had more previous criminal behaviors, were more likely to bully, and had the highest scores on the power orientation criminal thinking scale. Abuser by gender interactions were detected; female animal abusers scored significantly higher on several measures of criminal thinking, were found to be more likely to bully, and exhibited lower scores on measures of perspective taking and empathy compared to female controls.

It is possible that Sam Biddle suffered early child abuse, and is as much a victim as a perpetrator. See, Animal abuse among preadolescents directly and indirectly victimized at school and at home. ("Animal abuse by preadolescents has been associated with their later family violence and/or criminal behaviour; less is known about animal abuse and concurrent experience of being a victim at home and/or school, or of contemporaneous aggression to peers.)

See also, Effects of Childhood Adversity on Bullying and Cruelty to Animals in the United States: Findings From a National Sample. ("The final models indicated that the cumulative burden of childhood adversities had strong effects on the increased likelihood of bullying behavior but not cruelty to animals.")

When we look into Sam Biddle, we see a very disturbed man. He may even be a sociopath, as he appears to lack empathy and compassion.

For example, in a lengthy discussion he had on animal abuse, he observed that animals, "have pain receptors, sure. but 'cruelty' exists in the mind of the tormentor, animals can never feel 'torment.'"

Is it true that animals cannot feel torment? Or is Sam Biddle unable to empathize with the animals he potentially tortures? I don't know that Sam Biddle tortures animals. I can only speculate. That said, bullies often commit acts of animal cruelty.

Given Biddle's remark that, "Kicking a dog isn't unethical," one has to ask these tough questions.

Biddle's pro-bullying remarks in addition to his views on animal welfare suggest he lacks empthy, that is, he does not have an ability to feel the pain and suffering other sentient beings endure.

Biddle further noted, "society shuns animal cruelty because it's upsetting and indicative of further psychosis, not because it's 'wrong.'"

He went on to note, "kicking a dog isn't unethical but it's in our interests as socialized beings to not do it."

Would you trust this man to babysit you children or watch your pet?

Sam BiddleI wouldn't trust Sam Biddle around any vulnerable person. I wouldn't trust him around a child, an animal, or a girl who had had too much to drink.

Indeed, Sam Biddle's good friend Max Read remarked, "ketamine would be QUITE a 'date-rape drug.'"

(Max Read shares his date rape drug tips with the world.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.09.28 AM

People are free to associate with the likes of Sam Biddle, to be sure. I would certainly be careful.

P.S. Ladies, watch those drinks when around Max and Sam!