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If You Love Your Freedom, Thank a Veteran and a Criminal Defense Lawyer

I have worn the uniform and I have lost a friend to war. There's not a year that passes by when I don't read about the immesureable loss of Brian Slavenas

It's Veteran's Day. We are supposed to thank a veteran for our freedom. You'll have trouble finding people more respectful of our Armed Forces than I. Yet each year I wonder who is really protecting our freedoms.

Two Marines face what appears to be false criminal charges. These Marines who we should thank for defending our freedom are facing what look to me to be false criminal charges. Their own government is trying to imprison them.

Who will stand next to these Marines? Lawyers.

People in faraway lands aren't taking away my freedom. The greatest threat to my freedom is found within my own borders.

People filing frivolous lawsuits are the greatest threat to free speech.

Police are the greatest threat to individual freedom, as those young Marines are learning.

If you love your freedom, thank a veteran.

Then thank your lawyer. I thank my First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza, the lawyers at Popehat who fight against censorious assholes, criminal defense lawyers like Mark Bennett, and my old friend Norm Pattis.