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International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and Defamation

1. Sometime within the past 48 hours, the International Game Developers Association, through its agent Kate Edwards, linked to and widely publicized what it called an "Online Harassment Resource."

(Kate Edwards of IGDA Tweeted out a message falsely accusing thousands of people of a crime.)

Kate Edwards IGDA

2. This "Online Harassment Resource," which was published on the IGDA's website, linked to a blocklist created by Randi Harper, a young lady has been in jail at least three times and may have a drug problem. Randi Harper has also falsely accused at least one man of a serious crime. 

3. The blocklist itself never claimed that anyone on the list had actually harassed anyone. Rather, the blocklist automatically generated a list based on whether or not the person followed two out of nine people deemed by this jailbird to be a bad person.

(The blocklist clearly states that it does not target online harassment.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.02.46 PM

4. The International Game Developers Association linked to the blocklist, calling it: "A Twitter tool to block some of the worst offenders in the recent waves of harassment."

(IGDA's website falsely accused thousands of people of a crime.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.00.30 PM

5. Many of these "worst offenders in the recent waves of harassment" have not posted a single Tweet. A person who has never posted a Tweet cannot in any sense be characterized as an online harasser. 

6. IGDA's action is so beyond the pale that I can't even wrap my head around it. IGDA has even falsely accused some of its own members of harassment.

(The Chairman of IGDA Puerto Rico was falsely labelled an online harasser.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.29.44 PM

7. Group defamation is not actionable. That is, you can't sue if a person says, "GamerGate is evil." IGDA does not criticize an entire group of people. Rather, it links to a blocklist, characterizing each member as an online harasser. 

8. Each and every person who has been included on the blocklist is, according to IGDA, "the worst offender[] in the recent waves of harassment." That is, each and every person on that blocklist has been  accused by IGDA of committing harassment, a crime in most states.

9. This is so Kafkesque that I can't believe IGDA has defamed thousands of people, falsely labelling them "some of the worst offenders in the recent waves of harassment."

10. I have been in touch with a client who IGDA has lied about. I will be in touch with IGDA's legal department soon. Even if there is not a legal cause of action, this is a major public relations blunder by IGDA and should be Streisand Effected far and wide.

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UPDATE: Evidencing its consciousness of guilt, IGDA has updated its site without comment. IGDA has yet to issue an apology.

The link to the blocklist originally read: "A Twitter tool to block some of the worst offenders in the recent wave of harassment."

The link to the blocklist now reads: "A third-party Twitter tool developed to quickly mass block some of the worst offenders in the recent wave of harassment and also accounts that follow those offenders."

(Picture courtesy of a Twitter user.)

IGDA Blocklist change

IGDA knows it has lied about thousands of people, damaging their reputations. This is unacceptable conduct, and IGDA's behind-the-scenes scheming only puts another nail in its coffin.

Do not make the cover up worse than the crime, IGDA. You screwed up. Make it right.