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Johnny G DeGirolamo is an Incompetent Attorney?

Johnny G DeGirolamo a/k/a John DeGirolamo is a Florida attorney who has sued a leading First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza. (You can see John DeGirolamo's mug shot at the bottom of this post.)

In my view, attorney Johnny G. DeGirolamo has either filed a frivolous lawsuit or he lacks an understanding of the relevant law. 

As a client, you must research a potential attorney carefully before hiring him or her. This is especially true when your business, livelihood, or even freedom is on the line. The client must make an informed decision before hiring a lawyer.

Based on my review of the case filings DeGirolamo has filed, I would never hire Attorney DeGirolamo to represent me in traffic court, let alone a criminal court.

For more details about John DeGirolamo, check out Popehat's case summary.

Was Johnny G. DeGirolamo arrested for theft?

According to the website florida.arrests.org, Johnny G. Degirolamo was arrested for theft and obstructing a police officer. 

I would need to review the case file for myself to confirm. However, the mug shot and description noted in the arrest record does appear to match Attorney Degirolamo's current appearance.

If Degirolamo was arrested for theft, a potential client should be very careful.

(This is purportedly Johnny Degirolamo's mug shot.)

image from federalism.typepad.com