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Liz Pullen is a Social Media Manager who Mocks the Disabled

Liz Pullen is an online activist who describes herself in her Twitter bio as as, "Sociologist, Ethnographer. Vagabond scholar."

Her LinkedIN profile describes her as a "Social Media Analyst, Writer, Editor, Community Manager."

She is also an ableist, that is, someone who mocks the disabled and other persons who experience suffering.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.35.12 AM

Liz Pullen is part of an online hate mob, let by a graduate student named Margaret Caroline Pless (an aspiring research scientist who is going to work in the medical field), and joined by David Futrelle. 

I am a controversial character and understand that people attack my views on the world. That is totally cool. Free speech!

Yet what Liz Pullen, Margaret Caroline Pless, and David Futrelle do is low down.

Together they congregate at a Twitter site designed to mock me.  

They do more than mock my past writings and views on the world.

They mock a serious medical condition I suffered from called Red Skin Syndrome.

(Go to ITSAN to learn more about Red Skin Syndrome.)

This is the "banner" for the Twitter profile designed to mock me. This is what Liz Pullen looked at when she made the conscious decision to join the hate mind.

(Isn't this funny?! Liz Pullen seems to enjoy it.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.54.41 AM


Liz Pulle, Margaret Pless, and David Futrelle have the right to mock me.

But is it cool for them to mock me for suffering from a serious medical condition that cost me countless dollars and several years of my life? 

Child also suffer from Red Skin Syndrome. You can see pictures at ITSAN's website. (ITSAN is a non-profit organization designed to help raise awareness about serious skin conditions.)

Liz Pullen seems to think it's fine to mock me, as she follows that Twitter profile. David Futrelle does as well. (I have screen caps proving they follow this account. UPDATE: See screen shots below.)

As you can see, Liz Pullen and her friends have no decency or dignity.

How can these people claim to have any moral high ground or moral supremacy when basic human compassion seems beyond their understanding? How can they call anyone out for anything when they mock those who suffer from medical conditions that are physically and mentally disabling. (Nervous breakdowns are common for Red Skin Syndrome sufferers. I wasn't able to work for 6 weeks, as my sleep was disrupted and even moving hurt.)

They remain free to mock me. I remain free to call them out for their callousness and pitiable spirit.

UPDATE: Some people don't believe that Liz Pullen, Margaret Caroline Pless, and David Futrelle practice what is known as "ableism."

Here are the screen shots proving that they mock me not for my offensive views, but for a serious medical condition.

(Liz Pullen mocks those who suffer from serious medical conditions.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.02.31 AM

(David Futrelle discriminates against the disabled.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 1.02.04 AM