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Mike Cernovich Responds to Internet Stalkers

Mike Cernovich, a lawyer in California, has recently been attacked by several Internet stalkers. Mike Cernovich's home address as well as a street view image of his home was widely distributed to an online hate mob that included writers from Gawker Media who exchanged date-rape drug tips, a neo-Nazi, and a man who may or may not have covered up a rape. 

The Internet hate mob combed through Mike Cernovich's Twitter account, which included over 13,500 Twitter postings (called Tweets). Some of Mike Cernovich's Twitter postings made sense in contenxt. Some were tasteless jokes. Other Tweets were examples of "trolling," that is, provoking a response.

Mike Cernovich has explained his Twitter postings in an official statement posted elsewhere.

However, Mr. Cernovich believes it's important to examine the people who have been attacking him.

Arthur Chu of Jeopardy fame knew about rape, said nothing.

Arthur Chu wrote an article on the Daily Beast about his experience with rape and rapists. In the article, Chu wrote:

But I have known nerdy male stalkers, and, yes, nerdy male rapists. I’ve known situations where I knew something was going on but didn’t say anything—because I didn’t want to stick my neck out, because some vile part of me thought that this kind of thing was normal....

In an interview on CNN, Arthur Chu said he did not report the rape because some part of him believed rape was OK.

(Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu talks about rape in this CNN interview.)



Ian Miles Cheong was (and perhaps still is) a neo-Nazi.

Ian Miles Cheong held horrible racist views. Some of Cheong's quotes include the following:

Hitler is my fucking idol

holocaust isn’t important enough to capitalize, because jews=nothing

(Ian Miles Cheong quotes.)

Ian Miles Cheong

Ian Miles Cheong has written many other racist and pro-Nazi comments. Repeating them all would be in poor taste.

Randi Harper has been in jail.

Randi Harper blogs on Twitter as FreeBSDGirl. She created a shoddy software program that doesn't work. The intent of the code is to block anyone who follows Mike Cernovich on Twitter.

Randi Harper has been arrested and has been in jail.

(This is suspected to be Ms. Harper's mug shot.)

Randi Harper

Her exact crimes are unknown at this time.

Mike Cernovich believes in redemption, and believes Ms. Harper may be a reformed criminal.

That said, one should take what a reformed criminal says with the proverbial grain of salt.

Mike Cernovich, as a lawyer, believes in the First Amendment.

Mike Cernovich does not believe that his critics should be silenced. Mr. Cernovich does believe, however, that the full context of the criticisms against him should be known.

Mike Cernovich has been tartgeted by neo-Nazis and those who support rapists.

Anyone reviewing the attacks against Mr. Cernovich would be well advised to "consider the source" of those attacks.