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Adam Fisher: A Portrait of an SJW as a Lying Young Man

You must never believe the word of social activists calling themselves SJWs (short for social justice warriors) as they appear to have a defect causing them to lie about everything. How bad do they lie? 

They lie even about even trivial matters.

It really is something to behold.

Here's an example of an SJW lying.

A person posted a quote of mine onto his Facebook. He tagged me in his status update.

Someone guy named Adam Fisher, who I had never heard of, immediately posted a link to an article critical of me.

I responded to Mr. Fisher's post, laughing at him for being offended by Tweets. (Mike Cernovich, "Twitter Conduct.")

Mr. Fisher replied by saying he had no ill will towards me and did not want to talk to me. He replied three times in a row to tell me how he really doesn't care about me at all!

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.56.27 AM

I responded to him and then he replied to to me again.

After posting a Facebook reply, he posted this status update on Twitter:

"apparently #gamergate has leaked over into my real life because cernovich is literally yelling at me on his personal FB acct."

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 2.42.44 AM

First of all, Facebook is not real life. Mr. Fisher is implying that I knocked on his door or have done something to harass him. How can I "literally yell" at someone online?

What a liar.

Second of all, Mr. Fisher is the one who posted an article critical of me. He is the one who began the conversation. I did not find him.

I had never heard of Mr. Fisher, although he clearly had heard of me. Yet he lied in his earlier Facebook post, claiming "I posted that link without any comment or indication of malicious intent."

Mr. Fisher does not like me, and that's totally cool. I can respect people who are honest about why they do not like me. That's integrity.

What sort of man lies about his motivations? Why not simply say, "I think Mike is an asshole. Here's why."

Integrity is in short supply these days.

This is all trivial beyond measure, and that's why I bring it up.

SJWs have zero integrity. Even when it comes to trivial nonsense like this, they will lie.

Never, ever believe an SJW about anything.