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Barack Obama is a Holocaust Denier: Part 6

As a candidate for President of the United States, Barack Obama made a promise to the Armenian people. This was not a sort-of-promise. There was no ambiguity.

Here is what Candidate Obama promised:

I also share with Armenian Americans – so many of whom are descended from genocide survivors - a principled commitment to commemorating and ending genocide.

As a senator, I strongly support passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106 and S.Res.106), and as President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide.

There is no wiggle room there, is there?
As President, what has Barack Obama actually done? 
For each of his six years in office, President Obama has denied the Armenian genocide. LA Times, Armenian hopes crushed as Obama decides not to use the word 'genocide' (April 21, 2015).
Obama's broken promise, while showing he and his supporters are gutless hypocrites, has legal implications.
There are certain legal remedies available to holocaust victims. Because Obama has refused to recognize the Armenian genocide, people have been denied these remedies.
California even enacted a law to help victims of the Armenian genocide vindicate their rights. This law was struck down under preemption grounds. (State governments cannot enact laws that interfere with the federal government's exclusive power over foreign affairs.)
See Movsesian v. Versicherung  AG:

Section 354.4 of the California Code of Civil Procedure extends the statute of limitations until 2010 for claims arisingout of life insurance policies issued to “Armenian Genocide victim[s].” Cal. Civ. Proc. Code § 354.4(c) (West 2006).

The primary issue in this appeal is whether § 354.4 interferes with the national government’s conduct of foreign relations.

We conclude that it does, and accordingly, we hold that the California statute is preempted. The district court’s order denying the Rule 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss is reversed.

The full Ninth Circuit heard Movsesian v. Versicherung AG (here) and affirmed the lower-court ruling.
In other words, Armenians who had their money and property stolen have no legal remedy, due to Obama's failure to honor his word.