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I'll Donate $1,000 to Charity if You Show Me an Inspirational SJW

Alisha Grauso, someone I had never heard of, recently pondered, "Why do people retweet Mike Cernovich? He's a vile person."

So far as I can tell, social justice warriors (SJWs) don't do much other than mine Twitter for offensive conduct, form online hate mobs, and try getting people fired.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe those brave warriors for justice are writing inspirational articles and encouraging and helping others rather than trying to tear down people like me. (By the way, haven't you gotten bored yet? You're not going to beat me. Ever.)

Do you SJWs have an actual message? 

I have a question for Ms. Grauso and other social justice warriors: Where is your positive message? Your inspirational writing? 

I don't believe in false modesty. I've published over 600 articles at Danger & Play and given away nearly 100 podcasts. You can read iTunes reviews to hear what others have to say.

I will post three articles up against any SJW's three articles.

We can hold a contest. If you can show me an SJW who has written three articles better than this, then I'll donate $1,000 to a suitable charity. I prefer Operation Smile, but if you have another preference, let me know.

Some of you may say this is a publicity stunt, but we are past that point, aren't we?

You all know who I am.

You cluck about "Cernovich," "juicebro," "juice lawyer," and whatever nickname you've given me recently.

Besides, my audience is larger than yours. My websites get more readers than John Scalzi's, and Scalzi is viewed as an SJW with a large audience. (I'll gladly post my stats publicly next to Mr. Scalzi's to prove I'm right.)

Anyhow, please point me to an SJW who has an actually message.

I'd love to read his or her writing. Moreover, I'd be happy to link them.

I don't believe the vast majority of people are actually "vile" or "evil." Most of us are a mixed bag.

Hence I would have no issue with sharing links to articles written by my "enemies."

Please share some links with me, Ms. Grauso.

Even better, find an SJW who does better work than I do, so we can all learn, grow, and donate to charity together!