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Kate Bevan (Formerly) of the Guardian Admits to Journalistic Fraud

Kate Bevan is a writer for the Guardian (UPDATE: She hasn't written for the Guardian in a long time) who admits to committing journalistic fraud. In a move that left some shaking their head, Ms. Bevan gave readers a guide to committing journalistic fraud and libel in the publications she writes for.

Step 1. When writing about someone, put in something true. Then "Throw in a false anecdote or two. Then, when you've got things suitably warmed up, the fun can begin."

Step 2. "And do it in a space they don't control. It's no good doing it on their Facebook page or blog, where they can delete comments." 

Step 3. Write an article where reader comments are not allowed.

That's it. There is your three-step guide to lying about people.

Think this is a joke? See the screen caps below. Ms. Bevan's comments speak for themselves.

Kate Bevan a journalist, who comments as "blossiekins," advocates libel.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.57.25 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 4.56.04 AM

We need serious reform in journalism.

When a journalist like Kate Bevan feels comfortable admitting to lying about people, we know journalism is broken.

Let's hope the Guardian and other publications do not allow Ms. Bevan to libel people and commit journalistic fraud in their publications!


Kate Bevan endorses libel (Archive).

Kate Bevan admits to commenting under the username/handle "blossiekins" (Archive).