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Zoe Quinn Lied About Me in Front of Congress

Another day, another drama. Zoe Quinn recently appeared before some staffers in Congress to lie about me. Luckily for me I am not under an unconstitutional gag order and thus can respond to these lies and misrepresentations.

This is what Ms. Quinn testified to under oath:

"There's actually a cottage industry of people who contribute nothing but hatred of marginalized people who make their living off of being its figureheads and telling them all where to go next. One of them decided it was wise to hire a [private investigator] to stalk my physical location and report back to them, thus making sure I would never go home again."

Ms. Quinn's lover, Alex Lifschitz, revealed I was the lawyer Ms. Quinn was referencing. Let's tell this story once more.

1. Zoe Quinn posted my home address as well as pictures taken outside of my home to her more than 30,000 Twitter followers. The "best GG journalism" article Quinn references was a full dox of me provided by Daily Kos intern and Something Awful "goon" Margaret Pless.

Here is an Archive link of Zoe Quinn's dox of me as well as a screen cap.

Zoe Quinn dox

2. Zoe Quinn previously belonged to a forum on Something Awful called Helldump. Helldump was a cyber bullying board that had a "confirmed kill," that is, they were able to bully a teenager into suicide.

Here is an Archive link regarding Ms. Quinn's Helldump activities as well as a screen cap of the same.

Zoe Quinn harassment


I was not worried about being "bullied" or anything, but I was concerned with SWATting. SWATting is when goons from Something Awful call in a 9-1-1 emergency to get a laugh or to silence and intimidate their political opponents.

SWATting is attempted murder, as their aim was to get me shot by a SWAT team.

After Quinn posted my address as well as pictures that were taken outside of my home to her more than 30,000 Twitter followers, which included her friends from Something Awful's Helldump board, I left my apartment for a hotel.

3. I posted on Twitter that Ms. Quinn had a chance to explain herself. I asked for an apology. 

4. Instead Quinn gloated at being able to drive me from my home.

5. I hired a private investigator to conduct a risk assessment of Ms. Quinn, her lover Alex Lifschitz, and Daily Kos intern Margaret Pless.

6. Ms. Quinn's assertion that I've stalked her Boston home is a lie. I in fact know her current address in Seattle, and I have no interest in conducting a follow-up investigation, as Ms. Quinn has been relatively well-behaved after it was reported a hacker had obtained a copy of her hard drive. 

7. If you believe anything Zoe Quinn says, you're a gullible fool. If you share her testimony, you are spreading perjury.

In fact, Quinn is such a pathological liar that she now claims she was never a member of Helldump.

Zoe Quinn helldump


You can read more about Zoe Quinn's campaign of harassment.

By the way, harassment does not mean hurting my feelings. Harassment means doxing and attempting to SWAT me.

I can talk trash online with the best of them, and would never complain about fair criticism.

Trying to have me SWATted, as Ms. Quinn sought to do, crosses the line. That seems like such a dull point to make, and yet no media outlet has reported about Zoe Quinn's dox of me.

Lying under oath, which Ms. Quinn has done, also deserves more attention. That also seems very duh, but it appears we live in a world of gullible fools - or worse, outright liars and gutless hypocrites.