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Critics of GamerGate,  a consumer revolt against unethical journalism, claim people who support GamerGate support harassment and doxing. What is the truth? The truth is  those who oppose GamerGate are the ones who support doxing.

For the record, I not support doxing. I used to think it was no big deal, but the web has changed and doxing can lead to Swatting, which Zoe Quinn admitted she attempted to have done to me.

Five terrible people who oppose GamerGate have come out on the record in support of doxing.

1. Daily Kos intern Margaret Pless supports doxing.

Margaret Pless GamerGate doxxing

Maggie Pless is a graduate student who gave up her promising medical career to harass me online and write a diary at the Daily Kos blog.

Maggie, along with Zoe Quinn, posted pictures of my home as well as my home address online. Maggie finally admitted she doxed me, although she has yet to apologize.

2. Rebecca Watson supports doxing.

Rebecca Watson GamerGate doxing

Rebecca Watson hangs out with PZ Myers, who a student accused of rape, and writes at some blog about skepticism. I only knew of her after she did a video about me. She has a crush on me, which is endearing and understandable.

Ms. Watson  wrote an article entitled, "Why I'm Okay with Doxing," which is where that screen cap comes from.

3. Anil Dash supports doxing.

Anil Dash dox GamerGate 

What "doxxing up" means isn't certain, although one familiar with his previous online campaigns - which included inciting an online hate mob into threatening Justice Sacco with rape and murder - would infer "doxxing up" has some racial component.

Since Dash has 400,000 Twitter followers and a verified Twitter account, "doxxing up" would certainly have to include doxing him.

4. Zoe Quinn supports doxing.

Zoe Quin doxing

We know this because she doxed me. (The article she linked to contained pictures of my home as well as my home address.)

5. Chris Kluwe, a misogynist who has yet to call the police to report what he knows about "underage girls" in "compromising situations" has gone on the record in support of doxing.

Chris Kluwe GamerGate dox

Kluwe does not define who "powerful" is, although as a multi-millionaire white man with a verified Twitter account any definition would include him. 

Five people who oppose GamerGate, in their own words, support doxing.

Tell me again how GamerGate is a harassment campaign in the comments below.

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