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Anita Sarkeesian's Unknown Ghost Writer Shows Power of Female Privilege

Most of you have never heard of Josh McIntosh, the male ghost writer behind media powerhouse Feminist Frequency. Yet most of you, especially those familiar with GamerGate, are familiar with the smiling face of Fem Freq - Anita Sarkeesian.

Would Josh McIntosh, a straight white man, exert such influence if he did not ghost write Anita Sarkeesian Tweets, script her cultural critiques of vidoe games, and produce her YouTube videos?

If male privilege is real, why does Josh McIntosh have to put words into Anita Sarkeesian's mouth in order to have any relevance?

Anita Sarkeesian


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Woman Beater and GamerGate Opponent Makes Threat Against Disabled Man

Robert "Bobby" Oliveira, who posts online as Bobby O., is a convicted criminal who has made multiple threats against women. Bobby O. attempted to rise to infamy by opposing GamerGate, a consumer revolt against unethical journalist styled by journalists who hate ethical scrutiny as a campaign against women in gaming.

Like his friends Anil Dash and Chris Kluwe, Bobby O. supports doxing people he disagrees with. Yet Mr. Oliveira is not content to dox or SWAT others. He wants to kill them.

Mr. Oliveira has threatened and harasses countless people online, including women and the disabled. Yet there hasn't been a peep from his allies on the anti-GamerGate side of the debate.

Why is Bobby O. allowed to threaten women on Twitter?


These threats are not empty, as Bobby O. has been arrested for beating women.

Bobby O. is now threatening Fredrick Brennan, a web developer who suffers from brittle bone disease.

Digg produced a day-in-the-life video on Mr. Brennan, who is affectionately referred to by his friends - among who I count myself - as "Hotwheels." Upon learning Mr. Brennan has a serious disability, Bobby O. got brave. 

"Time to call the travel agent. A few of us need to visit you in person to redress this offense." -

Bobby O., social justice warrior who opposes GamerGate.

Anil Dash

 Bobby O. is exactly the type of person who opposes GamerGate.

Why is Anil Dash protecting a woman beater?

Bobby O is close friends with social activist Anil Dash.

Anil Dash has told people to renounce me for posting a few off-color Tweets and Dash has also led online rape mobs against Justine Sacco and Pax Dickinson.

"Bobby O. beats women, threatens the disabled. But Cernovich is evil because he posts some mean Tweets." - Anil Dash

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.15.04 AM

Yet Dash has said nothing about Bobby O. 

What's up with that?!

Where is John Scalzi, Chris Kluwe, and the other social justice warriors?

SciFi writer and Twitter activist John Scalzi and former NFL player Chris Kluwe have all had something to say about my "mean Tweets."

Yet when someone on their team makes threats against women and a disabled man, they say nothing.

SJWs are gutless hypocrites without any principles at all, it seems, as there is simply no reason to tolerate Bobby O's behavior.

UPDATE: Mr. Scalzi has seen this article and now knows of the abuse. I eagerly await his comments.

Scalzi screen shot

P.S. Bobby O., I will fly you to the Phillipines to meet Mr. Brennan.

Frederick is my client and personal friend. I will be happy to listen to any concerns and complaints you may have against him. 

I will purchase your plane ticket. If you want to bring friends, go right ahead. The more the merrier!

Let's have a meet-up.


Your move, Bobby.

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9 Terrible People Who Oppose GamerGate

5 Social Justice Warriors Who Support Doxing

Critics of GamerGate,  a consumer revolt against unethical journalism, claim people who support GamerGate support harassment and doxing. What is the truth? The truth is  those who oppose GamerGate are the ones who support doxing.

For the record, I not support doxing. I used to think it was no big deal, but the web has changed and doxing can lead to Swatting, which Zoe Quinn admitted she attempted to have done to me.

Five terrible people who oppose GamerGate have come out on the record in support of doxing.

1. Daily Kos intern Margaret Pless supports doxing.

Margaret Pless GamerGate doxxing

Maggie Pless is a graduate student who gave up her promising medical career to harass me online and write a diary at the Daily Kos blog.

Maggie, along with Zoe Quinn, posted pictures of my home as well as my home address online. Maggie finally admitted she doxed me, although she has yet to apologize.

2. Rebecca Watson supports doxing.

Rebecca Watson GamerGate doxing

Rebecca Watson hangs out with PZ Myers, who a student accused of rape, and writes at some blog about skepticism. I only knew of her after she did a video about me. She has a crush on me, which is endearing and understandable.

Ms. Watson  wrote an article entitled, "Why I'm Okay with Doxing," which is where that screen cap comes from.

3. Anil Dash supports doxing.

Anil Dash dox GamerGate 

What "doxxing up" means isn't certain, although one familiar with his previous online campaigns - which included inciting an online hate mob into threatening Justice Sacco with rape and murder - would infer "doxxing up" has some racial component.

Since Dash has 400,000 Twitter followers and a verified Twitter account, "doxxing up" would certainly have to include doxing him.

4. Zoe Quinn supports doxing.

Zoe Quin doxing

We know this because she doxed me. (The article she linked to contained pictures of my home as well as my home address.)

5. Chris Kluwe, a misogynist who has yet to call the police to report what he knows about "underage girls" in "compromising situations" has gone on the record in support of doxing.

Chris Kluwe GamerGate dox

Kluwe does not define who "powerful" is, although as a multi-millionaire white man with a verified Twitter account any definition would include him. 

Five people who oppose GamerGate, in their own words, support doxing.

Tell me again how GamerGate is a harassment campaign in the comments below.

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Should Classrooms Be Segregated by Race and Gender, As Anita Sarkeesian Suggests

Thought leader Anita Sarkessian was asked a question about segregation. Namely: "'Study Shows Single Sex Schools Negative' I'm not sure how I feel about this. What are your thoughts on this study?"

Ms. Sarkeesian responded: "Gender segregated classrooms improve learning (same with race)."

What do you think? Should classrooms be segregated by race and gender, as Ms. Sarkeesian suggests?

(In the even the Tweet is deleted, the Archived version is here; a screen cap is below.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.06.02 AM

The Journalist's Guide to Fact-Checking a GamerGate Story

Recently a woman named Brianna Wu, who made $13,000 a month on Patreon for doing nothing, wrote an article claiming #GamerGate made death threats against her.

She claimed no prosecutor cared about her story, because misogyny.

Several bloggers, including some who claim to be journalists, ran with Wu's story. A fellow by the name of Cory Doctorow entitled his breathless article, "Brianna Wu uploads Gamergate death threat to shame Ohio prosecutor."

There was, of course, a major problem with the story. As kids on the Internet say, "Y'all  posting in a troll thread."

Yes, that's right. Wu lied. She never called the police to report the "death threats."

When the prosecutor whose hatred of women caused him to ignore Wu was contacted - not by journalists who wrote about the story, but by concerned citizens - they learned Wu never actually called the prosecutor she lied about to tens of thousands of people.

(As Wu has been caught making threats against herself, it's likely she never reported the threat as that would be a felony. You can blog about death threats you made against yourself all day. But once you call that hoax into a prosecutor, watch out.)

It appears to me Mr. Doctorow never took journalism classes. I'm going to explain to Mr. Doctorow and other journalists how they can perform some basic fact checks.

Step 1.When someone claims a prosecutor has ignored her complaints, do this first:

Contact the prosecutor.

This cannot be overstated. Before destroying someone's reputation, you reach out to them. You know? This is just basic human decency.

Surely Mr. Doctorow has some human decency. He simply did not know how to contact the prosecutor who he falsely accused of ignoring complaints a woman reported to him.

Step 2. Google the name of the prosecutor.

Google is a website that allows you to type in stuff you want to learn about. For example, in her article Wu wrote, "The death threat you can hear in this tape comes from Columbus, Ohio. The prosecuting attorney in that district is Ron O’Brien. If he wished, he could bring criminal charges against this man by the end of the day."

When you go to this website called Google and type  "Columbus Ohio Ron O'Brien prosecuting attorney," you receive what's called a "search result."

As you can see, the search result displays Ron O'Brien's web page. It has his contact information and everything!

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.00.21 AM

Step 3. Click on this "search result."

This is important. You must click on the search result in order to obtain the contact information required to contact the prosecutor.

When you click on this search result, you are able to see the prosecuting attorney's contact information.

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.02.57 AM

Step 4. Send an email to the prosecutor. (Or call him or her.)

Prosecutors are usually called State's Attorneys, Prosecuting Attorneys, or District Attorneys. It varies based on state.

Don't let the formalities slip you up. You can use "Mr." or "Ms."

Here is a sample e-mail to send off:

Dear [put the prosecutor's name here]:

Hello. I'm a reporter for [insert the publication's name].

It recently came to our attention that your office had not been giving any attention to death threats received by [Brianna Wu/Anita Sarkeesian/Zoe Quinn].

On what date did [insert name of professional victim] contact your office?

Why has your office not responded to the complaint?

Thank you,

Games Pro Journalist.

Step 5. Write your article.

Include the prosecutor's comment or non-response.

If the prosecutor gives you a comment, provide that comment.

If the prosecutor blows you off, include that in your story. Write something like, "As of press time, the prosecutor's office has not issued a comment."

As you can see, this website called Google is a big help. 

I encourage Cory Doctorow to reach out to me if he would like to learn more about how Google works.

If White Lives Don't Matter, Why Should Black Lives?

People constantly try pinning down my views on race, much to their frustration. I have spent more time representing black men pro bono than any of my social justice warrior critics. Blacks are treated differently by police, and this is such a duh point that it's not even worth arguing.

Yet I don't toe the party line. I don't join every hash tag campaign or eagerly signal to liberals that I'm a proper self-hating white man.

I don't hate myself for being white. I don't "check my privilege." I rather like myself, actually. 

My views on race have evolved over the years. Well, my views haven't changed, but my approach has.

For example, I still recognize the criminal justice system is racist.

Yet why should I care about black issues when blacks do not care about my issues?

I've noticed blacks do not care about, for example, black-on-white hate crimes. When groups of blacks jump or "wolf pack" white or Asian men, there is no outcry from the black community. The media doesn't declare it a hate crime.

In fact, no one really cares much about what happens to white male crime victims. (No one cares about men generally, white or black.)

Yes, the criminal justice system is racist. Black kids will get the hammer laid down on them in a way that white men will not.

On the other hand, white are several times more likely to be victimized by a black assailant than a black man is to be victimized by a white.

It'd be great if whites and blacks could get together, saying, "Yes, it's wrong that the criminal justice system is racist, and it's also wrong that whites are several more times to be the victims of inter-racial crimes than black are."

But that's not happening.

When blacks care about my issues, I'll care about theirs.

Until then, they can fight their own battles.

How Zoe Quinn Conned a Judge into Violating Eron Gjoni's Constitutional Rights

I didn't get involved in GamerGate due to a love or drama or because some girl was caught cheating on her boyfriend with five men in order to obtain free publicity for her video game. Whatever. Nor do I care about the video games industry. What caught my attention in GamerGate was an unconstitutional restraining order Zoe Quinn obtained against her ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni.

The restraining order was unconstitutional, as my legal analysis shows. I won't re-hash that here. What I want to focus on is how unfair the restraining order proceeding against Eron Gjoni was.

Zoe Quinn sought to obtain an order of protection against Eron Gjoni. To obtain an order of protection (called a 209a order), a judge had to issue it. Moreover, the judge held a hearing to determine whether or not to extend the date of the protection order.

I was able to obtain the transcript from the restraining order hearing. The transcript reveals two startling facts:

  1. Gjoni wasn't allowed to even make a free speech argument to the court.
  2. Gjoni was not allowed to cross-examine Zoe Quinn, in violation of the law.

Eron Gjoni was not allowed to present a First Amendment defense.

You read that correctly. When issuing a restraining order preventing a man from speaking out about the abuse he suffered, the trial court did not even allow Gjoni's lawyer to raise the issue.

The official court transcript provides:

"[Gjoni's lawyer]: Judge, may I be heard on the First Amendment issues and the restrictions placed upon the defendant, within the scope of the original order?

"The Court: Counsel, I'll leave that to your appellate rights. I've made my decision."

Zoe Quinn censorship GamerGate

The judge made his decision without even allowing Gjoni's lawyer to argue the law.

Eron Gjoni was not allowed to cross-examine Zoe Quinn.

Under the law, Gjoni had certain rights. For example, he had the right to cross-examine Ms. Quinn.

Indeed, there is a manual judges are supposed to follow when conducting restraining order proceedings.  Guidelines for Judicial Practice: Abuse Prevention Proceedings (PDF here), the manual issued to judges, provides:

At the hearing, the defendant has the right to counsel, to testify, to present witnesses, to cross-examine witnesses who appear, and to present information.

Id. at p. 161.

Both parties have a general right to cross-examine witnesses, but the judge should not permit cross-examination to be used for harassment or intimidation or for discovery purposes. Each side must be given a meaningful opportunity to challenge the other’s evidence. 

Id. at 96. Did the judge recognize Gjoni's right to cross-examine witnesses before him? No.

Again, we look to the hearing transcript:

"The Court: There's going to be no cross-examination of the plaintiff." 

Gjoni restraining order

You read that correctly. In the United States of America, in a courtroom where free speech principles are at stake, a sitting judge denied a man the most fundamental rights.

During the hearing, Gjoni was not given the opportunity to challenge Quinn's evidence at all. Nor was he allowed to cross-examine Quinn.

The Abuse Proceedings Manual cautions judges:

As recognition that its scope and nature has increased, the issue of domestic violence has become the focus of legitimate and increasing public concern. However, that concern must not be permitted to affect or diminish the court’s responsibility to remain neutral, to protect the rights of the parties in each case, and to address each case individually on its own merits. “Whether a defendant’s constitutional rights have been violated [in a c. 209A proceeding] will depend on the fairness of a particular proceeding.” Frizado v. Frizado, 420 Mass. 592, 598 (1995). See also, C.O. v. M.M., 442 Mass. 648, 656-659 (2004) (court found that defendant’s right to due process had been denied where defendant was not given the opportunity to present or cross-examine witnesses during a hearing on the question of continuing a temporary order). See Guideline 3:00, Ex Parte Hearings: General

After the transcript of the hearing surfanced, Quinn  admitted she lied in court to the judge. She claimed her memory was bad, due to trauma.

Given that Quinn has been exposed for lying during a Congressional briefing, one finds it unlikely she merely "forgot" to tell the truth.

Yet it's undeniable Quinn lied in order to obtain and then extend an unconstitutional restraining order.

We now see why rights matters. Cross-examination allows liars to be exposed.

Zoe Quinn has committed fraud on the court, at Eron Gjoni's great personal expense.

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Alex Lifschitz: Portrait of a Beverly Hills Rich Kid

After Zoe Quinn posted my home address and pictures of my home to members of a doxing and SWATTing forum, I hired a private investigator to conduct a risk assessment.

My investigation extended to Alex Lifschitz, after he solicited death threats against me.

Trying to get Lifschitz into the professional victim hustle, Ms. Quinn claims Mr. Lifschitz cannot find a job. 

(Poor little rich kid!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.01.38 AM

Supposedly Lifschitz was some sort of go-getter trying to make his way in the world rather than a Sometime Awful troll.

This is a lie.

Alex has a trust fund. In addition to that, Lifschitz has never lived in an apartment under his own name.

Quinn, when lying before Congress about me, admitted she and Lifschitz lived together in Seattle. 

While I won't give out Lifschitz's prior address, I will tell you two things about it:

  • It's in Beverly Hills.
  • It's in daddy's and step mommy's name.

You read that correctly. Mr. Lifschitz did not ask daddy or mommy to co-sign for a rental property that he paid rent on. He lived in style, in the most exclusive zip code in Southern California, for free.

Before living in that Beverly Hills home, Lifschitz lived in the following property:

  • It's in Beverly Hills.
  • It's in mommy's name.

As with the above property, Lifschitz lived rent free.

I will gladly make my investigations into Quinn and Lifschitz available to verified journalists to confirm what I say here is true.

Long before GamerGate, Alex Lifschitz was a pathetic loser living off of mommy and daddy.

GamerGate didn't ruin his life. He had no life. He's a former Internet troll turned scammer, just like his lover Zoe Quinn.

How Many People Are in GamerGate?

GamerGate is a consumer revolt against unethical journalism with many allies, especially pro-free speech and anti-censorship allies like myself.

Some have accused me of "joining" GamerGate to get e-famous. That's sort of silly for a couple of reasons. 

First, I have an established track record of hating censorship. Go reach my archives back from 2004 and ask yourself what my opinion is on censorship. It hasn't changed. I oppose it and will spend my own money to fight it.

Second, I was already e-famous. Crime & Federalism, back when it was a seriously legal blog, was widely read. I've been cited in federal court opinions and law reviews. Haters gonna hate, but yeah, people know me.

I've been recognized in cafes worldwide and can hold a meet-up in any city in the world and have people show up. No one says, "Are you Mike from GamerGate?!" They have all said, "Are you Mike from Danger & Play?"

I didn't need GamerGate to get e-famous, and if anything it has a poor ROI for my primary businesses. I teach mindset techniques, have a mindset book coming out, and sell juicing books. I don't see a massive intersection between gamers and mindset training and green juicing, but if sales data proves me wrong, I'll gladly eat my words.

GamerGate is massive. Some data analysis shows 250,000 people have posted to the hashtag.

I don't have the Big Data on GamerGate, but I do have my own data. And I'm happy to share it.

Let's look at my growth in Twitter followers. Keep in mind I'm highly controversial. I even post deliberately shocking and outrageous tweets, because that's sort of fun.

Actually, I post the shocking tweets because my book is called Gorilla Mindset. If a few tweets make you cry, you're not going to read or apply my mindset techniques. So...Good riddance. 

Thus, I'm a niche "name" in GamerGate. People who are into self-improvement and dark humor enjoy me. The rest...not so much.

Most people in GamerGate find my humor to be a bit too gallows-based, and that's cool. Celebrate diversity!

On net I've gained around 10,000 followers via my pro-#GamerGate position. I consistently gained 500 new followers a month before GamerGate, so it's hard to say for sure how many of my new Twitter followers are from GamerGate. But I'm comfortable with saying it's 10,000 or so.

I currently have around 24,000 Twitter followers. Many of those are fake, as SJWs bought me fake followers in an effort to get me in trouble with Twitter. 

My best guess is 15,000 of my Twitter followers are real.

Here's my GamerGate data. 

In September, I thought GamerGate was sort of stupid, as I didn't understand it. I didn't start posting earnestly to the GamerGate hashtag until October. I stopped posting to the hashtag often in December or so, although I do still post about GamerGate.

I've included my Analytics page from Twitter. The analytics will give you a sense of how many people are in GamerGate.

September 2014: 752 tweets, 2.25 million impressions 48,300 profile visits, 400 new followers

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.51.38 PM

October 2014: 1,569 tweets, 17,600,000 million impressions 550,000 profile visits, 4,800 new followers

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.51.45 PM

November, 2014: 2,248 tweets, 14,500,000 million impressions 355,000 profile visits 2,730 new followers.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.51.52 PM

December, 2014: 2,846 tweets, 13,600,000 million impressions 560,000 profile visits 16,400 new followers (many of those were fake).

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.52.06 PM

Anyhow, the data doesn't lie.

GamerGate is a massive consumer revolt. GamerGamer is too big to ignore and too diverse to pigeon hole.

Some people like me are a bit off the reservation. Others are serious and temperate.

We are legion, and we are not going away.

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How an Intelligent Strong Woman Sat a Sexist Man the F#ck Down

Last year when adult film actress Mercedes Carrera threw in her voice for #GamerGate, I groaned a little. I viewed her with suspicion. Did she really believe in free speech, or was she another nit-wit trying to get Internet famous?

As the months passed, I observed her conduct, watched her interviews, and even got to talk to her a few times. She is everything women who oppose #GamerGate are not. She is thoughtful, intelligent, and fiercely independent. I have never been so happy to admit I was wrong about a person.

While involved in #GamerGate, someone named Chris Kluwe, who I'm told is a former pro NFL player, started bullying gamers. He developed a creepy obsession with me, and to this day constantly references my genitals.


Kluwe was everything I am not. He's a dumb jock, and after he realized how many people read my articles and listen to my podcast, he tried getting Internet famous by attacking me.

Enter the Kluwe-Cernovich "Debate."

Chris Kluwe and I agreed to a debate. I knew Kluwe had intended to troll me, as he refused to have a moderator like the GamerGate neutral David Pakman moderate the debate.

Going in my strategy was simple, "Do not play a game of 'Who can be the bigger asshole?'" I would let Chris be an asshole, so that those who watched the video could see with their own eyes people who oppose GamerGate are terrible people.

In our "debate," Kluwe was smug, dismissive, and rather insufferable. By design. My guys were really pissed at me, as they believed I looked beta.

Yet it was part of a broader plan. After the debate I posted how I let Kluwe look like a huge asshole. Even his die-hard supporters were left saying, "Cernovich is an idiot, but Kluwe did our side no favors."

Kluwe didn't sleep for 36 hour after the debate, as the name-searched himself endlessly for validation. Meanwhile, I slept like a baby, knowing Kluwe was going to destroyed soon enough.

Kluwe walks into the trap.

The claim has been made that GamerGate is a woman-hating movement. How could we prove it's actually people who oppose GamerGate who hate women?

My plan was to taunt Kluwe to his breaking point, get him to loudly challenge me to a debate, and then bring in my ringer.

"Mike Cernovich hides behind Mercedes Carrera."

When Kluwe challenged me to a debate, David Pakman was quick to offer to moderate it.

Such a debate is against the spirt of GamerGate, which is inclusive. Yeah, let's have three white men in their 30s talk about whether GamerGate is a misogynistic hate movement. Hello irony!

I have enough media platforms to mouth off on. I'd much rather hear from pro-GamerGate voices like Ms. Carrera. 

Mercedes is highly intelligent and extroverted. Once Kluwe ran his mouth off again, I'd offer to have Mercedes step in.

I knew three things would happen.

First, Kluwe would make some sexist bullshit remark about me “hiding behind a woman.” Kluwe did not disappoint.

Chris Kluwe GamerGate misogyny

He did indeed make a sexist remark about Mercedes.

Kluwe also refused to debate Mercedes, believing women should have men speak for them rather than speak for themselves.

I pushed the issue, as it's wrong for me to purport to speak for women like Mercedes. She is strong and smart enough to stand her own ground and speak her own mind.

Second, I knew Kluwe would treat Mercedes with utter disdain in a debate. He did not disappoint. 

Chris didn't wash his clothes, comb his hair, or even listen to Mercedes. The debate was a debacle for Kluwe.

He attempted to bully her, like the pig he is.

Rather than address her with respect, which should be done regardless of the gender of your opponent, he threw tantrums, lied, and mocked Mercedes.

Chris Kluwe sexist

Third, I knew Mercedes would destroy Kluwe, which she did.

I've spoken with her enough to know how smart she is. Underestimate Mercedes at your own risk.

Chris looked terrible. Watch this video to see a sexist pig get spit roasted.


Thanks for playing - or should I say being played - Chris.

UPDATE: Exceeding even my expectations, Chris Kluwe has  resorted to making racist "jokes" about Mercedes Carerra. 

Mercedes is Latina. So...nachos....Get it?

Chris Kluwe racist GamerGate

 Ms. Carerra responded to Chris Kluwe's racist with typical poise and strength of character.

Kluwe GamerGate racist debate