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Alex Lifschitz: Portrait of a Beverly Hills Rich Kid

After Zoe Quinn posted my home address and pictures of my home to members of a doxing and SWATTing forum, I hired a private investigator to conduct a risk assessment.

My investigation extended to Alex Lifschitz, after he solicited death threats against me.

Trying to get Lifschitz into the professional victim hustle, Ms. Quinn claims Mr. Lifschitz cannot find a job. 

(Poor little rich kid!)

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.01.38 AM

Supposedly Lifschitz was some sort of go-getter trying to make his way in the world rather than a Sometime Awful troll.

This is a lie.

Alex has a trust fund. In addition to that, Lifschitz has never lived in an apartment under his own name.

Quinn, when lying before Congress about me, admitted she and Lifschitz lived together in Seattle. 

While I won't give out Lifschitz's prior address, I will tell you two things about it:

  • It's in Beverly Hills.
  • It's in daddy's and step mommy's name.

You read that correctly. Mr. Lifschitz did not ask daddy or mommy to co-sign for a rental property that he paid rent on. He lived in style, in the most exclusive zip code in Southern California, for free.

Before living in that Beverly Hills home, Lifschitz lived in the following property:

  • It's in Beverly Hills.
  • It's in mommy's name.

As with the above property, Lifschitz lived rent free.

I will gladly make my investigations into Quinn and Lifschitz available to verified journalists to confirm what I say here is true.

Long before GamerGate, Alex Lifschitz was a pathetic loser living off of mommy and daddy.

GamerGate didn't ruin his life. He had no life. He's a former Internet troll turned scammer, just like his lover Zoe Quinn.