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Anti-#GamerGate Becomes a Cybersquatting Movement

In a predictable pattern, those who oppose free speech and ethics in journalism have resorted to more unethical tactics. Because I support free speech and GamerGate, I've endured several months of harassment.

In their latest move, anti-#GamerGate advocate Chris Kluwe became a cyber-squatter. 

Chris Kluwe cybersquatter


Why will no media outlet will discuss the harassment I've received?

At this point I can't even keep track of the harassment I've faced. Yet the harassment I've received is different from what others claim to receive. My attackers are not anonymous. They flout the law and common decency in public.

After I expressed my free speech rights under the Constitution, violating no laws, the following has occurred:

I'm sure there will be more harassment, and I'm sure the gutless hypocrites will refuse to call any of this stuff out.

I'm not a professional victim. I'm not crying or asking for donations.

Yet no ethical or honest person can deny I've been harassed, under any definition of the word currently used.

I'll keep doing me, and you keep being gutless hypocrites pushing a false narrative.

We will see who is left standing.