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Last year when adult film actress Mercedes Carrera threw in her voice for #GamerGate, I groaned a little. I viewed her with suspicion. Did she really believe in free speech, or was she another nit-wit trying to get Internet famous?

As the months passed, I observed her conduct, watched her interviews, and even got to talk to her a few times. She is everything women who oppose #GamerGate are not. She is thoughtful, intelligent, and fiercely independent. I have never been so happy to admit I was wrong about a person.

While involved in #GamerGate, someone named Chris Kluwe, who I'm told is a former pro NFL player, started bullying gamers. He developed a creepy obsession with me, and to this day constantly references my genitals.


Kluwe was everything I am not. He's a dumb jock, and after he realized how many people read my articles and listen to my podcast, he tried getting Internet famous by attacking me.

Enter the Kluwe-Cernovich "Debate."

Chris Kluwe and I agreed to a debate. I knew Kluwe had intended to troll me, as he refused to have a moderator like the GamerGate neutral David Pakman moderate the debate.

Going in my strategy was simple, "Do not play a game of 'Who can be the bigger asshole?'" I would let Chris be an asshole, so that those who watched the video could see with their own eyes people who oppose GamerGate are terrible people.

In our "debate," Kluwe was smug, dismissive, and rather insufferable. By design. My guys were really pissed at me, as they believed I looked beta.

Yet it was part of a broader plan. After the debate I posted how I let Kluwe look like a huge asshole. Even his die-hard supporters were left saying, "Cernovich is an idiot, but Kluwe did our side no favors."

Kluwe didn't sleep for 36 hour after the debate, as the name-searched himself endlessly for validation. Meanwhile, I slept like a baby, knowing Kluwe was going to destroyed soon enough.

Kluwe walks into the trap.

The claim has been made that GamerGate is a woman-hating movement. How could we prove it's actually people who oppose GamerGate who hate women?

My plan was to taunt Kluwe to his breaking point, get him to loudly challenge me to a debate, and then bring in my ringer.

"Mike Cernovich hides behind Mercedes Carrera."

When Kluwe challenged me to a debate, David Pakman was quick to offer to moderate it.

Such a debate is against the spirt of GamerGate, which is inclusive. Yeah, let's have three white men in their 30s talk about whether GamerGate is a misogynistic hate movement. Hello irony!

I have enough media platforms to mouth off on. I'd much rather hear from pro-GamerGate voices like Ms. Carrera. 

Mercedes is highly intelligent and extroverted. Once Kluwe ran his mouth off again, I'd offer to have Mercedes step in.

I knew three things would happen.

First, Kluwe would make some sexist bullshit remark about me “hiding behind a woman.” Kluwe did not disappoint.

Chris Kluwe GamerGate misogyny

He did indeed make a sexist remark about Mercedes.

Kluwe also refused to debate Mercedes, believing women should have men speak for them rather than speak for themselves.

I pushed the issue, as it's wrong for me to purport to speak for women like Mercedes. She is strong and smart enough to stand her own ground and speak her own mind.

Second, I knew Kluwe would treat Mercedes with utter disdain in a debate. He did not disappoint. 

Chris didn't wash his clothes, comb his hair, or even listen to Mercedes. The debate was a debacle for Kluwe.

He attempted to bully her, like the pig he is.

Rather than address her with respect, which should be done regardless of the gender of your opponent, he threw tantrums, lied, and mocked Mercedes.

Chris Kluwe sexist

Third, I knew Mercedes would destroy Kluwe, which she did.

I've spoken with her enough to know how smart she is. Underestimate Mercedes at your own risk.

Chris looked terrible. Watch this video to see a sexist pig get spit roasted.


Thanks for playing - or should I say being played - Chris.

UPDATE: Exceeding even my expectations, Chris Kluwe has  resorted to making racist "jokes" about Mercedes Carerra. 

Mercedes is Latina. So...nachos....Get it?

Chris Kluwe racist GamerGate

 Ms. Carerra responded to Chris Kluwe's racist with typical poise and strength of character.

Kluwe GamerGate racist debate