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Ever Had the Police Called on You for Blogging?

If you're ever going to write about free speech on the Internet, expect a lot of bizarre behavior. Be prepared for lies. People will lie about you and then lie about ever having lied about you after they are exposed.

You might even have the police called on you for exercising your First Amendment rights.

For example, a bunch of people including Daily Kos intern Margaret Pless and her friend Zoe Quinn called the Los Angeles Police Department on me and encouraged others to do the same.

They encouraged their followers, who included fellow Something Awful goons and Helldump members to call the police after they had posted my home address as well as pictures of my home online.

What crime had I committed? No crime. Ms. Pless and others took issue with my Tweets.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 11.26.44 PM

In fact I have never been contacted by the LAPD, as the complaints were frivolous.

Margaret Pless of Daily Kos now claims she never reported me to the Los Angeles Police Department. As I'm a lawyer, I archive everything to preserve evidence.

Margaret Pless wrote an article that was widely disseminated by others, including Zoe Quinn, entitled: How to Report Mike Cernovich to the LAPD w/o a Single Deadlift.

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In this article, Ms. Pless gives her readers detailed instructions on the proper way to file a police report. She even included my eye color and a high resolution photograph of my baby blues:

You can file a police report over the web with the anonymous tip tool I found on the LAPD’s website. It’s quite detailed, so if you’re not sure what color Cernovich’s eyes are you’re welcome to look at my answers or this high-resolution photo of him

Ms. Pless called the cops on me because of my free speech. She concedes this point as her article notes, 

P.S. You can add an image to each complaint you file. I recommend any of these Mike Cernovich tweets.

Ms. Pless' article concludes: 

To report Cernovich’s threats to his local police department, please click here or go to and click the “Give a Tip” link on the left. You do not have to give your name to submit a tip.

In what world is writing an article entitled, "How to Report Mike Cernovich to the LAPD w/o a Single Deadlift," which instructs readers how to "report Cernovich to his local police department" not calling the police on someone?

You can read Margaret Pless's full article, in its original form, here.