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Zoe Quinn: Cyber victim or Cyberbully?

Zoe Quinn is being heralded as a helpless victim of the Internet's hate machine. Indeed, Katherine Clark, a Congressional representative for 5th District of Massachusetts, helped Ms. Quinn lie in front of Congress. Yet there's an untold story about Ms. Quinn.

I'm a biased story teller, as I'm the person Zoe Quinn doxed, harassed, and tried having Swatted. Ms. Quinn also lied about me to Congress.

But I'm also a lawyer who understands you, the reader, want evidence for every assertion I make. Thus, I'll share the evidence so you may decide for yourself sort of person Zoe Quinn is:

  • She was a member of helldump, a doxing and Swatting board on Something Awful.
  • She was caught lying about her involvement with helldump.
  • She doxed and attempted to Swat me.
  • She posted online threats against herself on 4Chan.
  • She lied in a Congressional briefing.

What is the truth about Zoe Quinn?

Zoe Quinn was a member of helldump, a doxing and Swatting message board on Something Awful.

Zoe Quinn was an active participant at helldump, a doxing and Swatting board on Something Awful. At helldump people with a mean streak would  form online hate mobs to terrorize and harass their targets. They took pride in having a confirmed kill.

Helldump members bullied a teenage "furry" into committing suicide. (A "furry" is a member of a subculture who dresses up in animal costumes. It's a little weird, but nothing criminal and certainly not conduct worthy of being bullied to suicide.)

Quinn called her participation in helldump a "crippling addiction," and pondered how she missed it.

"I miss helldump a little." - Zoe Quinn (Archive link.)

Zoe Quinn misses helldump.23 AM

I had a "crippling helldump addiction." - Zoe Quinn (Archive link).

Zoe Quinn crippling helldump addiction.25 AM

Perhaps Ms. Quinn regrets her former online conduct. If so, she should own up and admit to it.

Rather than address criticisms against her, Ms. Quinn has chosen to lie about her considerable history as an online harasser. 

Zoe Quinn now falsely claims she was never a member of helldump.

After being heralded in the media as a victim of online harassment rather than a troll who has harassed people online for years, Ms. Quinn claims she was never a member of helldump. 

Zoe Quinn lies about helldump.png

As you can see, above, Zoe Quinn was a helldump member. No one has made anything up. She is lying. End of story.

Zoe Quinn continues to harass people online.

Zoe Quinn personally doxed and attempted to SWAT me. As with her proven involvement with helldump, Ms. Quinn claims she never doxed me or attempted to have me Swatted. 

The evidence against Ms. Quinn is overwhelming, indeed the evidence against Ms. Quinn comes from her own Twitter account.

1. Margaret Pless published an article listing my home address and containing a picture that was taken outside of my home. (I've since moved.)

Cernovich dox.54 AM

2. Ms. Pless shared the article with Zoe Quinn before she published it.

Margaret Pless dox Zoe Quinn.47 PM

3. Zoe Quinn Tweeted out a link to her over 30,000 Twitter followers immediately after the article was published (Archive link).

Zoe Quinn dox gamergate.19 AM

That's as open-and-shut example of a doxing case as it gets, isn't it?

Now it's true I'm a licensed attorney in California. As such I will always have to post my address online.

One might therefore claim my "dox" is fair game.

If all publicly available information can be posted online, then it doesn't make much sense to call out doxing. Who cares, right?

In my view, doxing in itself isn't bad. Who cares if people know where I live, right?

However, Zoe Quinn posted my information online in an attempt to incite her Twitter followers, who she had known from Something Awful and helldump, to SWAT me.

We know Ms. Quinn wanted to SWAT me as she and her friend Margaret Pless later wrote, and Zoe Quinn disseminated, an article encouraging people to call the police on me.

(After doxing me, Zoe Quinn and Margaret Pless tried Swatting me.)

How to SWAT Mike Cernovich .31 PM

Zoe Quinn continues to lie about her online past. 

Ms. Quinn now claims she was never part of helldump. Quinn's own Twitter acount, as seen in detail above, proves she was part of helldump.

Zoe Quinn's Something Awful chat logs have surfaced. Unsurprisingly, these chat logs provide even more evidence of her involvement in helldump.

Considering Ms. Quinn widely disseminated an article containing my home address as well as pictures on my home to her over 30,000 Twitter followers, one needn't be a rocket science to conclude helldump is exactly the sort of place Quinn would call home. 

Has Zoe Quinn been threatened or are the threats against her hoaxes?

Since we know Ms. Quinn has a history of trolling and threatening others online, it's not a stretch to wonder if any of the death threats that have allegedly been made against Quinn were made by herself.

It appears Ms. Quinn was once caught red-handed (or in this case middle-fingered) threatening herself. Unfortunately there is no Archive link.

On 4Chan, a board Ms. Quinn has admittedly posted to, this threat was made against her.

"Is she on Pax. I might snuk in to greet her from behind. the only way." (Archive.)

In this image you see something fascinating. Whoever made that threat against Ms. Quinn was also logged into Quinn's Twitter account.

(A higher-resolution image is available here.)

Zoe Quinn hoax

As Quinn never claimed to be hacked, it's clear she was trolling for attention on 4Chan.

That said, some may claim the image was photoshopped. Unfortunately the image was removed from 4Chan, although the post it referenced is available via Archive. (If an Archive link of the picture is made available, I will link to it.)

Given Quinn's considerable history as a troll, it's not hard to imagine her making death threat hoaxes for attention.

Moreover, Ms. Quinn earns her living as a professional victim. She has a Patreon account, which she links to whenever a "death threat" against her is made.

Ms. Quinn is a professional troll rather than professional victim, as it appears she earns money by posting threats against herself.

Zoe Quinn takes her lies to Congress.

As a guest of Congresswoman Katherine Clark, Zoe Quinn appeared for a Congressional briefing. (A briefing can be set up by paying $3,000 a corporation like RAND.)

During this hearing, Ms. Quinn testified (presumably under oath):

"There's actually a cottage industry of people who contribute nothing but hatred of marginalized people who make their living off of being its figureheads and telling them all where to go next. One of them decided it was wise to hire a [private investigator] to stalk my physical location and report back to them, thus making sure I would never go home again."

Quinn later revealed I (Mike Cernovich) was this lawyer who hired a PI to stalk her. I never revealed Quinn's address or "stalked her." 

However, as you can see, I hired a private investigator to figure out who Quinn was after she doxed and attempted to Swat me.

It appears hiring a PI was a prudent move, as Quinn is a sociopath.

Is Zoe Quinn a victim of online bullying or is she the bully?

Zoe Quinn is a con artist and sociopath. Her victims include the judge she lied to in order to obtain an unconstitutional restraining order, the lawyer she conned into helping her get that restraining order, and Congresswoman Katherine Clark.

I have now proven Ms. Quinn doxed me, lied about doxing me, was a member of a doxing and Swatting board helldump, and has lied about her membership of said board.

I have also proven Ms. Quinn lied in front of Congress.

If Representative Katherine Clark wants to continue letting Zoe Quinn lie to Congress, that's an issue for her political opponents to point out.

If the media wants to present Zoe Quinn as the face of online harassment, as a victim rather than perpetrator, then you now know to distrust the media.

The truth is clear.

Zoe Quinn is a troll, liar, con artist, and sociopath.

Who will be her next victim?

Ever Had the Police Called on You for Blogging?

If you're ever going to write about free speech on the Internet, expect a lot of bizarre behavior. Be prepared for lies. People will lie about you and then lie about ever having lied about you after they are exposed.

You might even have the police called on you for exercising your First Amendment rights.

For example, a bunch of people including Daily Kos intern Margaret Pless and her friend Zoe Quinn called the Los Angeles Police Department on me and encouraged others to do the same.

They encouraged their followers, who included fellow Something Awful goons and Helldump members to call the police after they had posted my home address as well as pictures of my home online.

What crime had I committed? No crime. Ms. Pless and others took issue with my Tweets.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 11.26.44 PM

In fact I have never been contacted by the LAPD, as the complaints were frivolous.

Margaret Pless of Daily Kos now claims she never reported me to the Los Angeles Police Department. As I'm a lawyer, I archive everything to preserve evidence.

Margaret Pless wrote an article that was widely disseminated by others, including Zoe Quinn, entitled: How to Report Mike Cernovich to the LAPD w/o a Single Deadlift.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 11.08.31 PM

In this article, Ms. Pless gives her readers detailed instructions on the proper way to file a police report. She even included my eye color and a high resolution photograph of my baby blues:

You can file a police report over the web with the anonymous tip tool I found on the LAPD’s website. It’s quite detailed, so if you’re not sure what color Cernovich’s eyes are you’re welcome to look at my answers or this high-resolution photo of him

Ms. Pless called the cops on me because of my free speech. She concedes this point as her article notes, 

P.S. You can add an image to each complaint you file. I recommend any of these Mike Cernovich tweets.

Ms. Pless' article concludes: 

To report Cernovich’s threats to his local police department, please click here or go to and click the “Give a Tip” link on the left. You do not have to give your name to submit a tip.

In what world is writing an article entitled, "How to Report Mike Cernovich to the LAPD w/o a Single Deadlift," which instructs readers how to "report Cernovich to his local police department" not calling the police on someone?

You can read Margaret Pless's full article, in its original form, here.

Anti-#GamerGate Becomes a Cybersquatting Movement

In a predictable pattern, those who oppose free speech and ethics in journalism have resorted to more unethical tactics. Because I support free speech and GamerGate, I've endured several months of harassment.

In their latest move, anti-#GamerGate advocate Chris Kluwe became a cyber-squatter. 

Chris Kluwe cybersquatter


Why will no media outlet will discuss the harassment I've received?

At this point I can't even keep track of the harassment I've faced. Yet the harassment I've received is different from what others claim to receive. My attackers are not anonymous. They flout the law and common decency in public.

After I expressed my free speech rights under the Constitution, violating no laws, the following has occurred:

I'm sure there will be more harassment, and I'm sure the gutless hypocrites will refuse to call any of this stuff out.

I'm not a professional victim. I'm not crying or asking for donations.

Yet no ethical or honest person can deny I've been harassed, under any definition of the word currently used.

I'll keep doing me, and you keep being gutless hypocrites pushing a false narrative.

We will see who is left standing.

Is David Pakman a Journalistic Fraud?

David Pakman runs a broadcast radio and TV show, and also hosts a YouTube news and commentary site. Known for being hard-hitting, Pakman  thoroughly researches his guests. Before a guest appears on his program, Pakman solicits Twitter for feedback, essentially crowdsourcing his research. Pakman is so thorough that he recently had a guest on to talk about #GamerGate. Pakman confronted this guest with blog posts from over 10 years ago!

Yet it appears Pakman has different rules for different guests. 

Recently Pakman had Chris Kluwe, a former NFL player, on his show. Kluwe is one of those moralists we all know and love. They attempt to throwing lighting bolts down on sinners, when a closer examination reveals they themselves are the biggest sinners.

What did Chris Kluwe know about "underage girls" in "compromising situations"?

For example, Chris Kluwe posted on Twitter that "underage girls" were caught in a "compromising situation" with two Vikings players. Kluwe contined, "Bet you didn't hear about that one in the news. We can do this all day, Vikings. Special teams hears *everything*." Read more, "Chris Kluwe Can't Be Moral Crusader After Cruel Twitter Rant."

Why didn't we "hear about that one in the news"? That would have been a great question to ask Kluwe!

Did Chris Kluwe joke about child rape victims, and if so, why?

According to news reports, "Kluwe used the Sandusky horror in Penn State as the set-up to his joke, which was to walk around the locker room with a hole ripped out of his pants -- in the back, near his rectum -- and said he was a 'Penn State victim.'"

Kluwe seemed to confirm the reports were true, posting on his Twitter, "Over half the team did it for over a month, including asking him if he 'raped any little boys lately,' repeatedly, in front of coaches."

I guess that makes it OK?

Why didn't David Pakman ask Chris Kluwe about the alleged child rape jokes?

It appears that certain questions were off-limits, as Pakman refused to ask Kluwe about two highly controversial and interesting issues. 

How can we know Pakman agreed to not ask certain questions of Chris Kluwe? 

The big reason we know Pakman agreed to refrain from asking certain subjects is because Kluwe signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Vikings. Under this agreement, Kluwe is not allowed to answer these questions. 

Kluwe could not have done the interview unless Pakman agreed to treat these questions as being off limits.

Chris Kluwe threatened to sue me.

Unlike David Pakman, I did not agree to refuse to ask Kluwe hard questions. When I asked him about his failure to report what I interpreted as a rape, he threatened to sue me.

I laughed pretty hard. As Kluwe lives in California, the lawsuit would be struck down under California's very protective anti-SLAPP law.

Kluwe would pay my legal fees while giving me millions in free publicity, as the lawsuit would be international news.

Why didn't David Pakman ask Chris Kluwe about lawsuit threats made against me?

Again, he couldn't.

David Pakman's white lies add up.

After I confronted Pakman with my allegations, he claimed to not know who I am.

That's sort of silly, since Pakman has covered #GamerGate extensively and I have been accused of being a central figure in #GamerGate. Although this is incorrect, my involvement in #GamerGate has been mentioned on MSNBC, Gawker, Newsweek, Boing Boing too many other sites to keep track of

However, Pakman had invited me to be on a guest on his show.

Is David Pakman a journalistic fraud?

Having on a guest and refusing to ask certain hard questions, without disclosing this to viewers, would strike me as highly unethical.

Lying about agreeing to keep certain topics off limits would also be unethical, and in my view fraud.

Pretending not to know who someone you invited on your show as a guest could be faulty memory.

We all make mistakes, and I hope David Pakman owns up to his mistakes, apologizes to his viewers, and moves on stronger than ever.

Heed Warren Buffett, who observed, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."