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Woman Beater and GamerGate Opponent Makes Threat Against Disabled Man

Robert "Bobby" Oliveira, who posts online as Bobby O., is a convicted criminal who has made multiple threats against women. Bobby O. attempted to rise to infamy by opposing GamerGate, a consumer revolt against unethical journalist styled by journalists who hate ethical scrutiny as a campaign against women in gaming.

Like his friends Anil Dash and Chris Kluwe, Bobby O. supports doxing people he disagrees with. Yet Mr. Oliveira is not content to dox or SWAT others. He wants to kill them.

Mr. Oliveira has threatened and harasses countless people online, including women and the disabled. Yet there hasn't been a peep from his allies on the anti-GamerGate side of the debate.

Why is Bobby O. allowed to threaten women on Twitter?


These threats are not empty, as Bobby O. has been arrested for beating women.

Bobby O. is now threatening Fredrick Brennan, a web developer who suffers from brittle bone disease.

Digg produced a day-in-the-life video on Mr. Brennan, who is affectionately referred to by his friends - among who I count myself - as "Hotwheels." Upon learning Mr. Brennan has a serious disability, Bobby O. got brave. 

"Time to call the travel agent. A few of us need to visit you in person to redress this offense." -

Bobby O., social justice warrior who opposes GamerGate.

Anil Dash

 Bobby O. is exactly the type of person who opposes GamerGate.

Why is Anil Dash protecting a woman beater?

Bobby O is close friends with social activist Anil Dash.

Anil Dash has told people to renounce me for posting a few off-color Tweets and Dash has also led online rape mobs against Justine Sacco and Pax Dickinson.

"Bobby O. beats women, threatens the disabled. But Cernovich is evil because he posts some mean Tweets." - Anil Dash

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.15.04 AM

Yet Dash has said nothing about Bobby O. 

What's up with that?!

Where is John Scalzi, Chris Kluwe, and the other social justice warriors?

SciFi writer and Twitter activist John Scalzi and former NFL player Chris Kluwe have all had something to say about my "mean Tweets."

Yet when someone on their team makes threats against women and a disabled man, they say nothing.

SJWs are gutless hypocrites without any principles at all, it seems, as there is simply no reason to tolerate Bobby O's behavior.

UPDATE: Mr. Scalzi has seen this article and now knows of the abuse. I eagerly await his comments.

Scalzi screen shot

P.S. Bobby O., I will fly you to the Phillipines to meet Mr. Brennan.

Frederick is my client and personal friend. I will be happy to listen to any concerns and complaints you may have against him. 

I will purchase your plane ticket. If you want to bring friends, go right ahead. The more the merrier!

Let's have a meet-up.


Your move, Bobby.

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