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Your Guide to The Rules of Race and Gender (Rachel Dolezal Edition)

Today life is complicated. If you make one wrong move on social media you'll lose your job. You may receive death threats or have a Swatting attempt made on you. An internet hate mob will form around you to publicly shame you.

If you are a rational, thinking person life may seem overwhelming. Nothing makes sense. I have a guide for you.

These are rules you MUST follow. Do not question them unless you want to be attacked and labelled a "dudebro" (if you're a man) or a woman suffering from internalized misogyny. 

Women never lie. Asking a woman for proof of her claims (that she was harassed on the Internet or received a death threat) is harassment. 

When a woman claims to be a rape victim, asking for evidence is part of rape culture and makes you an apologist for rapists on par with Holocaust deniers.

Rape culture

When a woman commits a hate crime hoax, you cannot call her out. Even suggesting the woman was lying to create fame and fortune for herself would be harassment.

Gender is a social construct lacking any basis in reality.

When a man claims to be a woman, you must believe him. Otherwise you are a transphobe.

Bruce Jenner Call Me Caitlyn

When a woman claims to be a man, you must believe her. Otherwise you are a transphobe.

Race is a social construct lacking any basis in biology.

When a white woman claims to be black, you may claim the person is not really black and demand the person submit to DNA testing.

Rachel Dolezal

Questions you are not allowed to ask, as asking these questions makes you a racist transphobe dudebro or woman suffering from internalized misogyny:

Is race a social construct or does it have biological origins? If race is a social construct, then why can't a person transcend his or her race?

If a person cannot transcend race, how may he transcend gender?

How does a woman prove she is a man or a man prove she is a woman?

How does a person prove he is black or white?

What does it mean to be black or white? Is there something other than skin color inherent about "being black," and if so, what is that?

May we ask Leigh Alexander, a social justice warrior and critic of GamerGate who has made racist jokes in the past, to submit to DNA testing? Is Leigh Alexander really black, or is she a white woman like Rachel Dolezal who is faking her membership in an oppressed race as a way to profit from gullible people?