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What It's Like Meeting a Woman Who Doesn't Exist

For years I read a blog by Vox Day, but to be honest, I had my concerns about the man. I thought it was weird that he pretended to have an attractive wife. Why do this? 

John Scalzi, one of Vox Day's haters, had convinced me and others that Vox's wife did not exist. 

As Vox did not post pictures of his wife, I took Scalzi at his word that @spacebunnyday was a sock puppet.

John Scalzi rapist.11 AM

I learned a valuable lesson about John Scalzi. He's a con man.

After seeing John Scalzi joke about being a rapist on his blog, I decided to stop taking him at his word. I investigated the facts for myself. Vox Day's wife is real, and she's real cool.

What's it like meeting the wife of an Internet misogynist?

Surely she is kept under lock and key and a singular look from her oppressor quiets her.


Vox and his wife had a comfortable relationship one settles into after years of sharing a life with a person, yet there was none of the contempt often shown in the faces of long-term couples.

Each had their own separate lives while sharing their family life. Vox plays soccer, Spacebunny is a bit of a "gym rat."

While Vox was more interested in the quality of the wine, Spacebunny was highly concerned with the protein content of our meal.

While this should only come to the surprise of "real misogynists" like Scalzi, Spacebunny also had her own views of the world. She even dared to disagree with me - a white man! - about some socio-political issues.

Who is the real misogynist?

"Misogynist" has become a meaningless term, and I won't legitimize it by using it non-ironically. 

That said, denying a woman even exists because she disagrees with you, while perhaps not rising to the level of misogyny, does make you a pretty terrible person.

Ultimately, however, Scalzi is filled with self-loathing and envy. A healthy full family life with an attractive women is beyond his reach.

Rather than accept that Vox Day did better in the wife department, the Hugo-winning, New York Times best selling author refuses to believe Spacebunny exists.

Some men simply can't say, "Life is a mixed bag. I got this whole author thing down, but my marriage is a bit of a mess. Oh well, that's life." They instead seek to attack and tear down others who have what they covet.

Does that make Scalzi a misogynist deserving moral condemnation or a truly pitiable man deserving scorn and laughter?

Yes, Vox Day's wife is real. SJWs like John Scalzi always lie.