Your Guide to The Rules of Race and Gender (Rachel Dolezal Edition)
Why Does the Word "Cuckservative" Trigger Conservative Men?

What is a Cuckservative?

A cuckservative is a Republican who enjoys watching his friends on the right (and indeed his entire country) get screwed by the radical left. 

A cuckservative will never have the back of his "friends" or "allies," and instead often joins in the rapes of right-wing allies.

A cuckservative will purge "wrong thinkers" like Steve Sailer, The Derb, and RamZPaul from the right even though the left gives Al Sharpton  (an actual murderer and racist) and Bill Ayers (an actual terrorist) media platforms.

A cuckservative wants to be part of the establishment. They take their rules from Gawker and other social justice warrior run media sites.

A cuckservative spends massive amounts of time status signalling (also called "virtue signalling") to the left.

A cuckservative sells out his allies by calling them racist as part of their effort to signal their virtue and "good thinking" to the left.

A cuckservative cares more about attacking Donald Trump (see virtue signalling, above) than in understanding why Trump has grown a huge audience. (Hint: Trump's rise is not due to his policy positions. Instead Trump's success is due to America's fatigue with supplicating cuckservatives bowing down to the media establishment.)

A cuckservative believes Israel's border must be protected at all costs, but that even suggesting America has a border is racist.

A cuckservative wants to be part of the establishment. Being a "New York Times best-selling author" matters more to a cuckservative than making America great again.

A cuckservative lives in terror of being labelled a racist.

A cuckservative calls people who use the term "cuckservative" racist.

A cuckservative is so far up the SJW establishment's ass that they think we care.