What is a Cuckservative?
What It's Like Meeting a Woman Who Doesn't Exist

Why Does the Word "Cuckservative" Trigger Conservative Men?

There's a riot in the right, and rather than ask people what's wrong, conservatives are throwing around lies and labels. Conservatives (the cuckservative) who obviously knew of our existence and yet never reached out to support us when Gawker attacked suddenly care about what we have to say.

Why reach out to us now? To understand the answer, you must understand the cuck mindset.

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There are two aspects to the cuckservative meme - gender and national.

I use cuckservative in the gender-war sense.

There's currently a War Against Men. False rape accusations are on the rise. Rape hoaxes like the Rolling Stone Rape Hoax and Mattress Girl are the norm. For decades the right has ignored my issues, as a man.

Cuckservatives control the right-wing airwaves. Have any of them reached out to me - someone who objectively speaking has a far greater reach and sells more books than the usual talking heads - to discuss men's issues? No.

The right has ignored me and other men - even more palatable men like those in the A Voice for Men camp - for years. They choose to ignore our concerns and refused to give us a platform.

Now we are going to take over the cuckservative platforms.

When Gawker and MSNBC attacked me, where were these so-called "allies" on the right? Make no mistake, they knew of me. Indeed they care about me a lot since I've started putting them on blast.

But when the right could sit back and watch while I was attacked, all was well. They pretended not to know me.

These cowards on the right were either silent or they joined in the dog pile against me - with Reason magazine spreading lies and innuendo.

Indeed, the right's treatment of its friends is where the "cuck" term arises from. The right loves watching their would-be allies get screwed by the left.


The right even purges people like Steve Sailer and The Derb for writing articles far less offensive than you'd find in Salon or the New Republic.

Why then would I care about your precious political party? You don't care us or our issues. Why would we care about you, cucks?

We are going to smash your party by uniting all of those you have rejected.

Look at the data and the trends. There are many of us with far more influence and reach than your precious talking heads.

We also grew up on the Internet. We understand social media. Indeed, we are currently using social media to trigger you into crying over Tweets.

There's a national identity aspect to cuckoldry.

There are many people - myself included - who believe America has a right to exist as a nation, and that a nation is not the soil, but the people who live on the soil.

We would like America to have a border, much like Israel has. We would like to control who comes into the country our grandfathers built.

When the right calls us racist for wanting a border like Israel's - and then calls us anti-Semitic for mentioning Israel at all - they are joining in the left's would-be cucking of us.

Why does calling conservative men cuckservatives trigger them into PTSD?

Much like SJWs are triggered by words on Twitter, conservative men also suffer from PTSD when we call them cucks. Why?

For whatever reason, conservative men talk of the pussification society. They've appointed themselves as spokespersons for masculinity.

Meanwhile they don't even lift, they don't advocate for men's issues, and they are gutless hypocrites who turn on their "friends."

They lack any sense of loyalty or honor, betraying their friends to impress the radical left.

Cuckservative is a label that emasculates conservatives.

It's a reminder that we know they are not men.

"No enemies to the right."

I can't be shamed for being friendly with the "wrong people."

When the left rejects Al Sharpton, come talk to me about the "wrong people" on the right. 

Call me racist, sexist, homophobic, and keep telling lies about me.

This will only speed up the demise of the cuckolded right.

We're here, and we're not going away.