How to Argue with a Cuckservative
Is John Scalzi a Rapist?

An Open Letter to the #Cuckservative Chattering Class

I'm not a political junkie who sits around watching CNN or FoxNews. I don't know who the big names or personalities are, and I don't care. For the most part politics are reality TV for men - part wish fulfillment, part distraction from a life of quiet desperation.

Yet unfortunately my own freedom and survival have required me to seek change. This is annoying to me, but unless the cuckservative (members of the right who enjoy watching people like me get screwed over by the radical left) take a stand, they may as well get used to having me around.

Cuckservatives haven't left me many options. Here are my choices:

  • Sit by silently while no one has our backs.
  • Play nicely, as I have done for years, hoping I will get through to these people.
  • Put them on blast, attacking them more ruthlessly than I do SJWs.

Sitting back silently is never going to work. I'll always have something to say, which means I could play nice.

Playing nicely hasn't worked. Not a single member of a Republican-controlled Congress spoke out in favor of due process during a hearing discussing the college campus rape "crisis." College men are about to see their rights curtailed. What have Republicans done? Watched.

When Gawker attacked me, joined in the dog pile. Without contacting me or reaching out, a Reason blogger put me on blast for my "mean Tweets." Reason, a "libertarian" publication, is part of the same call-out culture and plays by the same rules of social justice "journalism" as Gawker. No, I won't play nicely with such people.

This leaves option three, which is to to put cuckservatives on blast.

I almost feel bad for the cuckservative who have recently discovered me, they aren't aware of what they have gotten themselves into.

As a lawyer who has been sued for defamation (and won), lawsuit threats make me LOL. I know where the line between free speech and defamation lies, and yes I know all about anti-SLAPP laws. Your legal threats mean nothing.

I also have more energy than the cuckservative, as I live a healthy lifestyle, go to the gym, and understand the power of mindset. Your personal attacks or attempts at manipulation mean nothing.

You deserve no mercy. You would watch as men go to prison on false rape convictions. Do you think I won't reveal your affairs and other indiscretions out a sense of kindness or decency?

I don't merely write about policy issues. I write about individual people. If you're living a lie, it will be exposed.

If you fancy yourself a celebrity or personality, my advice would be to start having our backs. At the very least, be careful when running your mouths. If you ask for my attention by calling everyone who uses the #cuckservative hashtag a racist or anti-Semite, don't complain when you get my full attention.

You can keep attacking us or calling us racists. You can keep reaching out to the same protesters who disrupted a Bernie Sanders political rally, because hey - you surely have more credibility with the #BlackLivesMatter crowd than Bernie, and your outreach will be highly successful.

What are my demands?

  • America should have a wall on its border just like Israel has.
  • Call out "rape culture" for what it is - another form of Satanic Panic.
  • Stop buying into the left's frame on race. You should never use the word "racist" non-ironically.

Maybe others need more, but that's all I need.

I know you won't listen, as you're fat and bloated like all members of the establishment.

Just don't say you weren't warned. Don't cry when I reveal embarrassing facts about you.

The stakes are too high for me to say anything other than, "Cry more."