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An Open Letter to the #Cuckservative Chattering Class

How to Argue with a Cuckservative

Ever since I started making fun of cuckservatives (conservatives who enjoy watching their friends get screwed over by the left), the attacks have come. The attacks are not from social justice warriors (my usual adversaries). No, I've been attacked by people on the right!

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The attacks from various cuckservatives are meta-commentary on the nature of the cuck. Never once has Nick Searcy or Kurt Schlichter (had to Google him) reached out to me in friendship. Instead they attack me on Twitter, in public, to status signal they are good boys who "didn't do nuffin." 

Their arguments are trite and easily defeated.

When cucks attack you, always reframe the issue.

"You are a white nationalist!"

I believe in America. I'm an American. If this makes me a nationalist, then yes I'm a nationalist. I also happen to be white.

Why don't you believe in America?

"Your allies are racist!"

My "racist" friends troll the Internet. The left's racist friends demand an audience with presidential candidates. 

Moreover, Bill Ayers is a terrorist.

Tell me again why we need to talk about my "raciss" friends.

"You support white identity politics!"

Please tell me more about La Raza, the Congressional Black Caucus, and American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

You care more about whites who vote as a bloc than you do about the left's use of racial identity politics. This is why you lose elections.

Cucks have no argument other than shame. They have no intellectual framework.

Never get sucked into their frame by defending your position. Cucks are not intellectuals. They are timid girly-men who live in fear of being shamed by the radical left. 

Salon, a far-left website, recently joined in the dog pile, calling people like me who use the work cuckservative raciss.

Cuckservative Salon.18 AM

Do not engage in serious discussions with them about the issues.

Yes, we have intellectual arguments. We could tell them a country is not based on lines on a map. A country is the people who live on the soil.

America is great because the Americans who build America are great. If we want to make America great again, we need to screen who we allow into the country our grandparents built.

We could ask them why they support nationalism for Israel but not for the United States. Israel has a border, and Israel is even an enthno-state, based primarily around the identity of the people. Israel has a right to exist as a nation. America, too, has the right to exist as a sovereign state.

We could explain that every race and ethnicity except whites engage in identity politics. Claiming whites cannot form voting blocs based on race is itself racist.

We could painstakingly explain that Republicans win elections when whites - as every other race and ethnic group does - vote as a bloc. See, "The Case of the Missing White Voter."

We could ask them why it's worth risking alienating millions of white voters to skim off a few hundred thousand black voters. We could ask them to show us their data and projections explaining their position. Do conservatives want to win elections or get nice articles written about them in Salon?

But they do not have any response, as they live in fear of being shamed by the radical left, and they assume you too are driven by a fear of shame.

Always change the frame. If they attack a misfit on your side, ask them why they care more about your friends than about their supposed enemies on the left.

Quite frankly, there's no one using the #cuckservative hashtag who is a worse person than Al Sharpton or Bill Ayers. 

As someone on Twitter put it, "Our 'racists' are on Twitter. The left's racists are in the halls of Congress and on television."

Why then are conservatives more worried about a few trolls on Twitter than issues that matter?

That, my friends, is a question that answers itself. #cuckservative