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Is John Scalzi a Rapist?

A recent book entitled "John Scalzi is a Rapist" was pulled from Amazon's ebook store after John Scalzi used his considerable connections as a best-selling author to have it removed. Scalzi has previously threatened legal action, but wisely backed down after being advised he did not have a case for defamation.

Thus, here is what we currently know about the John Scalzi rape accusation.

1. He wanted to sue, but was unable to.

2. He used his connections to have the book removed.

3. He is a woman hater

Doth the (alleged) rapist protest too much?

John Scalzi burns books.38 PM

While guilt by association tactics are used primarily by the left, it's worth nothing that Scalzi is good friends with Jian Ghomeshi, a man who has raped around a dozen women. Jian Ghomeshi is currently awaiting trial on several counts of rape.

John Scalzi is also close friends with Chris Kluwe, who signed a gag order forbidding him from talking about "underage girls" found in "compromising situations." See, "Chris Kluwe can't be a moral crusader after his cruel Twitter rant."

Chris Kluwe never spoke truth to power, instead accepting money to cover up what appears to have been statutory rape.

Chris Kluwe underage girls.50 AM

Chris Kluwe  takes money to remain silent about rape or rape culture, and Scalzi counts him as a friend.

The Sarah Nyberg/Chris Kluwe/John Scalzi connection.

Again, guilt by association tactics are wrong, but they are what people like Scalzi rely upon. Thus Scalzi concedes they have a place in discussing rape accusations.

Sarah Nyberg is an admitted pedophile who John Scalzi and Chris Kluwe have vigorously defended and stood behind. In chat logs exposed by a whistler blower, Nyberg expressed her admiration for her 8-year old cousin named Dana.

With friends like these, one must ask: Is John Scalzi a rapist?

Sarah Nyberg pedophile.51 AM

You can see all of the chat logs in this video. Warning: This is disturbing content.


At this time I cannot determine whether Scalzi is a rapist.

My hunch is that he's hiding something, and I would not be surprised if women later come forward against him, as it often takes rape victims years to come forward against celebrities like Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi.

Is John Scalzi a rapist? We might never know.

John Scalzi is a Rapist book cover