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Marc Randazza Learns a Hard Lesson on Loyalty and Life

Marc Randazza is a lawyer's lawyer. When someone threatened you with a lawsuit or some up drama came up, Randazza was the man you called. He was more generous with his time than any lawyer I'd ever known. As one of his many lawyer-clients, I'd practically have to scream at him to send me a bill.

Randazza fought hard for free speech and even led the fight against revenge porn. (Read: Who really killed revenge porn?)

When a case went south for Randazza, you'd wonder if he ever helped anyone at all - as most of these lawyers he helped were silent or secretly shared hating on him.

Is Marc Randazza a fraud? To the shock of many like myself, who would trust Randazza with our lives, that's the question many haters are asking.

Randazza had something happen to him that could happen to any of us. He was sued by a former client, the client offered $200,000 to settle the case, and Randazza kept fighting. Randazza thought he would win the case.

After drawing a arbitrator whose decision strikes me as the product of corruption rather than legal analysis, Randazza's reputation was in tatters. (Read: Randazza wrestled with a pig, and this time the pig won.)

Most people have no idea how corrupt our arbitration system is.

Unlike in a court of law, you're not allowed to cross-examine witnesses before an arbitrator. You're also not allowed to appeal the arbitrator's judgment against you.

A arbitrator - honestly or corruptly - can lie about you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Where are the hundreds of lawyers Randazza has helped? Are they standing up for him?

Mostly they are silent, as most lawyers are gutless cowards and manipulators.

Is there a "big lesson" from Randazza's current struggles?

I find an angle we can all look at, though perhaps I'm too close to the subject to see much here.

The truth is that most people you help are going to turn their back on you. In a time of crisis, you'll learn this.

The truth is also that some people will come out to support you in ways you'd never have imagined.

Until you face an attack on your reputation and career, you won't know, although there are some signs to look for.

If you don't see people raising help and kicking ass for others today, they will not have your back tomorrow.

I'm friends with a lot of misfits.

But they all share one thing in common. They are raising hell. They don't hide from conflict. They may fight for causes I don't agree with, but they do fight.

If you're not a fighter, I don't want you in my life. You'll turn your back on me just as many have turned their backs on Randazza.

But there are a few fighters left, and they will fight for their friends.

Seek them out. Set aside political disagreements and other dramatic nonsense. Focus on what matters. In a fight, they'll have your back. 

Randazza is still my lawyer and friend, and yes I'd trust him with my life. One dishonest arbitration award will not undo a lifetime of strong work.

I got to talk to Randazza about the Gregory Allen Elliot case and more. Watch it here.