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Who Owns Your Favorite Pundit? How to Follow the Money

Most of your favorite pundits are owned by the same big donors who control elections. These relationships are never disclosed.

You can, however, help me expose the corrupt.

Go to

GuideStar.46 PM

It's free to register.

Search for the name of the publication you want to look into.

For example, I looked into Commentary Magazine, which is incorporated as Commentary, Inc.

Commentary Magazine tax return.07 PM

Look on the right hand side. The green box will give you access to their Form 990s.

Commentary Magazine.23 PM

Download the Form 990. The Form 990 is the tax return that non-profit corporations are required to file each year.

Scroll down to Schedule J. This will give you the salary information for the five highest paid employees.

John Podhoretz salary

I found out that the publisher of the "non-profit" is earning over $450,000 a year once you factor in salary, benefits, and pension.

Brent Bozewell earns $400,000 a year as well.

Pick your favorite magazine, website, or "non-profit corporation." 

Your eyes will be opened. I promise you that.