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Kenny Glenn to be Charged with Animal Cruelty

KSWO is reporting:

Two teenage brothers accused of beating a cat will meet Tuesday with investigators and the Comanche County District Attorney. The courthouse was closed Monday for Presidents Day, but Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley said the teens will face charges of animal cruelty from District Attorney Robert Schulte's office.

Kenny Glenn's brother helped participate in the abuse.  Have the Internet sleuths found out this sociopath's name?  He needs to be identified as well. Thanks, as always, to the powerful Anonymous for your fantastic work in bringing wrongdoers to justice.  The media maligns you, but the media always maligns that which it does not understand.

Kenny Glenn Has Been Arrested

Kenny Glenn may soon find himself in jail:

An animal abuse story that has sparked outrage across the country has Comanche County Sheriff Kenny Stradley saying that two local boys are responsible. The teen was filmed beating and torturing a cat, and uploaded it to YouTube over the weekend. It was viewed about 30,000 times.

7News telephones rang of the hook, and Reporter Robert Richardson took a number of the calls. Viewers read that the abuse happened in Lawton, and YouTube deleted the video, along with the user's account on Sunday. Edited portions - featuring ‘Timmy' lead his camera operating friend inside a shower where a cat lay waiting for its fate.

The rest of the story is here.  A video report is here:

Update on Kenny Glenn Story

Kenny Glenn lives in Lawton, Oklahoma.  His hometown is covering the story:

In a disgusting case of animal abuse, a cat being abused was filmed by the culprits and posted on YouTube. A teenaged boy slammed a cat against a wall and repeatedly struck it. It was a hot topic on the internet all day Sunday and bloggers think it happened in Lawton.

Among the thousands of posts on the internet, commenters pointed to Lawton as the source after it was posted this weekend. The user name and information, along with other information on the internet pointed to a teen here in Texoma. Posts from all over to country asked people to call 7News, and plenty did. Due to it's graphic nature, much of the video was edited for this story.

I suspect tomorrow will be a very interesting day for the young sociopath.  UPDATE: Comments expressing outrage are an appropriate response.  Please do not countact the teen's mother or post her contact information.  UPDATE: Kenny Glenn has been arrested.

Kenny Glenn: Cat Abuser

A masked teenager had a friend film him beating a cat.  They uploaded this video to YouTube.  Anonymous  went to work.  People scoured the Internet, and found out the identity of the masked teenager.  It is none other than Kenny Glenn. 

His video exploits are available here.  Watch it at your own risk. 

I suspect that Mr. Glenn will escape formal punishment.  People will say, "He's just a kid."  People will excuse his conduct.  People simply cannot recognize that a teenager can be evil.  People who abuse animals at any age are evil. 

However, Mr. Glenn will not escape the punishment of the Internet: For the rest of his life, anyone Googling the young psychopath's name will come upon a description of his conduct.  People will be free to choose to associate - or not - with him.  UPDATE: Kenny Glenn has been arrested.